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**Update: Due to Covid 19 impacting the 2020-2021 Tryout Sessions, any player interested in trying out for current PFA Teams will need to contact Team Manager, Mandi Kuidlan (443-624-9725), or Technical Director/Coach Myron Garnes (, until further notice. Note: PFA U19/20 Boys Team is currently holding summer tryouts (2021) to fill their 2021-2022 squad. Players interested in attending one of these Tryouts please use the above contacts to get in touch.**


PFA intends to field the most competitive travel teams possible in every age group and choose players at tryouts that are both talented and committed. The philosophy on tryouts is that the club will hold “open tryouts” at the end of each soccer year to select players for the following soccer year, which begins on 1 August. “Open tryouts" means that existing PFA players are not guaranteed a spot on their existing teams. Existing players must compete among themselves and new candidates at tryouts to earn a spot on the team. Players are selected for teams by the Head Coach, with consensus from the PFA Technical Director, and with the help of player assessments made by independent coaches during tryouts. Players should wear cleats and shin pads, and bring a ball and water.



PFA intends to field new boys’ and girls’ teams in the age brackets for the 2021-22 annual program.



Age Group Matrix

In accordance with the new US Youth Soccer Initiative, birth-year registration calendars will now align with the start of the calendar year and run from January to December, rather than August to July as it had previously. The initiative will align registration with the international standard.

How to determine the birth year used for a competition: Birth year registration should be based on the year in which the season ends. For example, if a season begins in the fall of 2020 and ends in the summer of 2021 (ex: 2020-21 season), the players would be registered based on their age in the year 2021. Competitions that take place in a single year (ex: fall of 2020 only) should use that year to determine birth year. To simplify determining the age group, just subtract the birth year from the year the season ends.

Year Season Ends – Birth Year = Age Group:

  • 2020-20121 (Season) – 2003 (Birth Year) = U18 (Age Group)

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