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Arlington, Virginia – August 23rd, 2021 - The Eastern Premier Soccer League (EPSL) is excited to announce the Patuxent Football Academy will join the EPSL this upcoming fall 2021 season that is set to begin in early September. The Patuxent Football Academy was formed as a club in 2007. Since its inception the club has gotten many accolades including as the current champion of the Maryland State Cup in the U-19-20 group. Lead by coach Myron Garnes the team continues to grow at all levels. In a conference call with the club’s executives this summer, Coach Myron told us that “Joining the EPSL is a very exciting opportunity for most clubs that, it gives us a chance to showcase our talent at the next level”. Based in Southern Maryland the Patuxent Football Academy has a great history of developing many players through their educational academy system. The Academy and club is managed by Francisco and Mandi Kuidlan. With a very disciplined leadership the club was able to accomplish a few awards including:

2021 U19 IMG Invitational Champions.


2020 U19 OBGC Capital Cup Finalist.


2021 U19 Charlotte Independence Showcase (3-0-0)


2021 U19 National League Playoff Finalist.

Mandy Kuidlan stressed that the EPSL and the Patuxent Football Academy are a perfect union as the club’s player can now look forward to playing in a more competitive league. She added that the promotion and relegation system is what was needed for many up-and-coming players. Meanwhile, the Mid-Atlantic Commissioner for the EPSL, Andy Salandy relayed a message to the Patuxent Football Academy. He said, “This is a great opportunity for teams like the Patuxent Football Academy to shine as they also are able to continue to build their clubs” He added that “it allows the whole club to grow from its grass roots all the way to the EPSL level and beyond”. The Patuxent Football Academy has done well individually molding players that went on to play in different levels. “What the EPSL will do is open up more opportunities for the many individual talent in a collective manner”.


The EPSL would like to congratulate the Patuxent Football Academy as it joins our league. We look forward to building a strong relationship as the league continues to grow in its second season which is slated to start in September 2021.


About the Eastern Premier Soccer League


Formed in 2020, the EPSL has reached historical feeder league agreements with four elite amateur soccer leagues in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League (CSL) in the New York metropolitan area, New Jersey’s Garden State Soccer League (GSSL), the New England Champions League (NECL), and the Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC based Maryland Major Soccer League (MMSL) to establish the first regional based multi-league promotion and relegation system in the United States.


The CSL, GSSL, NECL, and MMSL have produced US Open Cup and National Amateur champions and have some of the top amateur teams in the United States so reaching agreements with these elite leagues are an exciting milestone in the history of US Soccer.


The EPSL is also an affiliate of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) and EPSL clubs will earn the right to compete in the NISA Independent Cup against NISA professional clubs. EPSL clubs are also affiliated with the US Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA), through their state associations and, as such, will be eligible to participate in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup qualifying rounds, the US National Amateur Cup and state and regional cup competitions.


More information about EPSL can be found at or on the league’s social media platforms.

Contact EPSL:                                                                            

Mike Seium, Director of Communications                                                                

Contact number 240-535-4940                                        






















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