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Patuxent Football Academy offers one of the most comprehensive and best youth soccer programs in the nation at the lowest cost for the players and families. In addition, the Club provides scholarships to players in need of assistance. The objective is to provide playing opportunities to any child that wants to enjoy playing the game of soccer.
Club and training fees for 2021-2022 Season: June 15, 2021 – June 1, 2022
Players ages U11 and above $45/month or one-time payment of $450.00 for the year
Players ages U10 and under $30/Month or one-time payment of $250.00 for the year
Sibling discount: First child full price, second (or more) child at half price

 Scholarships are available. Scholarship requests must be made to the Club Director.


By registering your child(ren) to participate in any Patuxent Football Academy Program you are responsible for prompt payment. PFA teams operate on a pay-to-play basis and an annual program of activities that begins on 1 August and ends on 31 July of each year. Registering on a PFA team is a commitment to pay the full amount of the annual program fees for that team as outlined in a team budget at the beginning of the annual program.

Fees paid to PFA are generally non-refundable. Under some circumstances, participants may be eligible to apply for a refund. Requests shall be made to PFA in writing to the registered business address of PFA within fifteen (15) days of registration and payment.
By registering your child(ren) to participate in any Patuxent Football Academy Program you understand and agree that any failure to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines may result in disciplinary action against not only you as parent/guardian but also your child. You also agree to abide by the policies and procedures set forth by Patuxent Football Academy and the league(s) in which your child plays. Any such action may include but is not limited to those actions described above. It is furthermore understood and agreed that the Patuxent Football Academy specifically reserves the right to impose disciplinary action above and beyond those actions described above as may be appropriate based upon the circumstances of the violation.

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